The Scone Shop

Made from scratch scones - ready for your oven

The Scone Shop Story

The Scone Shop began in 2007 as a way for my child to raise his own money for a summer leadership trip. Tasked with a monthly monetary goal, he needed a fundraiser for the holidays. We made rolls of uncooked cookie dough in our kitchen which then sold like crazy! The following year I resurrected the idea for the Christmas and summer camp "fund" but added cinnamon chip scones on a lark. The scones outpaced the cookies and a business was born. Not everyone has the time or talent for homemade cooking.  Raised by a mother that cooked from scratch, there is nothing better than a kitchen filled with delicious smells. I want to offer an easy, convenient, made-from-scratch solution to active people that appreciate the value of high quality ingredients as well as ready to bake goodness.